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Managing Director at Fresh Press Media Ltd.

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QUIZ: How many of these former Celtic players do you recognise?

Celtic have had their fair share of players over the years, but how good are you at putting names to faces? Whilst we are waiting for the Hoops to … Read More
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Jonathan Ross makes a huge faux pas on The Masked Singer

Celebrity panel member Jonathan Ross made a huge faux pas on the latest episode of The Masked Singer UK by predicting that one of the mystery … Read More
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QUIZ: How much do you remember about Liverpool’s 40 game unbeaten run?

Liverpool's win over Wolves on Thursday night took the Reds' unbeaten run in the Premier League to 40 games. That means that the Reds are now … Read More
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QUIZ: Can you name these Liverpool players from past FA Cup games without seeing their faces?

How good are you at recognising Liverpool players, past or present, without actually seeing who they are? To find out, have a go at our latest … Read More
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Jean-Kevin Augustin rejects Palace move to join Leeds

RB Leipzig striker Jean-Kevin Augustin has rejected the chance to join Crystal Palace and has instead agreed to join Championship side Leeds … Read More

QUIZ: How much do you remember about Chris Sutton’s Celtic career?

We've set up this quiz looking back at Chris Sutton's Celtic career. Have a go at answering these questions about the striker's time at Parkhead and … Read More
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