Plans for the Miami Open Tennis Tournament are already in action and for the fans of tennis, they know that it is not just the players that need to get ready.

For several years Itaú – the private bank in Latin America has been sponsoring the Miami open – will go on to do so for five more years. Contracts have been signed and culminated with James Blake– Miami Open Director– and Fernando Chacon– Executive Director at Itaú – shaking hands after the signing.

As part of the bank’s policy to support sports due to its transformational power, so it has been investing in tennis, among which is the Miami Open Tennis.

Starting 2019, the Miami open tournament will take place at the Hard Rock Stadium as stated by the director, James Blake. For Key Biscayne, it was the last time that it hosted the tournament Miami Open 2018, and after 32 years the venue is going to be changed in 2019. Efforts to keep the Miami Tennis Open at Key Biscayne have failed even with the money available, but extensive lawsuits have been going on for quite some time, and it is dragging. The endeavors that the tournament should keep its roots having failed, new roots and a new beginning are in the future of the tournament with hopes that the tournament will retain its ambiance. You can go here to buy Miami Open Tennis tickets without service fees.

Despite the fact that Hard Rock Stadium is not yet completed, but constructions are underway, the construction site has been unveiled, and it will be ready to host the Miami Masters in 2019.

Since moving has become eminent, the advantages to be gained are beginning to be perceived – lounge spaces are tripling, gymnasium space is also tripling, as for parking places that will provide at least 2700 more parking spots. Not only that but Hard Rock Stadium has practice and competition courts that reach 30 in number, more shade, green spaces, as well as locker rooms. Not to mention that the Center Court has situated inside the stadium, specially configured seating that reaches 13,800 seats, and a permanent venue is available for entertainment as well as food.

That is taking hospitality and settling down to a whole new level and it is still in Miami, the same state. Of course, there has been a bit of a worry that it was a football stadium and would be turned into a tennis tournament but already the stadium is beginning to show great promise.

March 2019 will mark a new era for Miami Open Tennis at Hard Rock Stadium, and it is expected to host at least 300, 000 guests on site, and broadcasts its games with coverage in more than 192 countries worldwide.

Tennis is a favorite for a lot of people, but it is expected the 2019 Miami Tennis open will draw more attention than usual with a sparkling new venue while at the same time Itaú will is providing all the necessary support that they are known to give as sponsors.