Novak Djokovic has once again reiterated his desire to become the ATP world number one ranked player in the world before the end of the calendar year.

As reported on the Express, Djokovic is catching his rivals up and doesn’t sit far behind second-placed Roger Federer and first-placed Rafael Nadal.

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images Sport

Djokovic is third in the rankings and has now made it to the semi-finals of the Shanghai Masters, where he will come up against Alexander Zverev.

Nadal was forced to withdraw from the event and his Serbian rival is eager to pick up the trophy in his absence.

Djokovic said:

Now that I’ve put myself in the position to fight for No 1. Obviously, I’m going to try and get to No 1.

Obviously, it’s the biggest goal I have at the end of the season. And if I have a chance why not go for it.

So I obviously feel the importance of every match that I play. That’s why I try to get the best out of myself. I am dedicated.

Djokovic set the target of becoming the world number one earlier in the year but it didn’t look too likely, however, after recent successes, his goal is very much back on track.