Roger Federer has revealed that he hopes no tennis player tries to copy his style of play in the future, according to a report on the Tennis World USA.

The world number two is well known for his calm approach to matches and his immensely accurate and powerful backhand, which is a weapon that has won him various titles over the years.

Julian Finney/Getty Images Sport

The Swiss international has an admirable attitude and in many ways, is the perfect role model for budding tennis stars.

However, Federer has urged future players to have their own style rather than adopting his.

He said:

There will always be a future good player, a future nice player to watch with my kind of attitude.

But I hope that nobody tries to copy me because I think copying is bad like they shouldn’t copy any other player. I believe you should find your own style and be natural, be yourself. Don’t try to pretend you’re somebody else.

I’ll definitely follow tennis when I’m long gone because I think it’s a great game, great personalities come out of it. The TV and everything, they follow every step you make on the court.

There’s no hiding out there. I feel like you get a good sense of how the people are on and off the court because you have to do a lot of media. I think tennis will always be fine, in my opinion.

The former world number one is edging closer to retirement but looks likely to play a least one more season of tennis before deciding on his future.