Former British number one and current Wimbledon committee member Tim Henman has revealed that the All England Club are considering plans to use artificial grass courts.

The 43-year-old is now on the board at Wimbledon, making him an extremely influential member at the club, and the former world number one believes that the step needs to be taken in order to protect the surface.

Antony Jones/Getty Images Sport

During this years competition, many players and pundits were complaining about the baselines being worn out so early in the tournament, with the extreme heat playing a factor in the deterioration of the courts.

Henman, talking to the Mail on Sunday cited by Tennis 365, admitted that plans are being considered for a small percentage of all 18 courts at the club to be artificial.

Wimbledon are investing a lot of money looking at the hybrid thing. When you see the football and rugby pitches now, they’re three per cent artificial.

We’re certainly looking at, “What does five per cent look like on a tennis court? What does 10 per cent look like on a tennis court?”

We know what 100 per cent artificial is and it’s not great but we’re looking at three, five, 10. How will it be under foot? What will the movement be like?

There’s nothing better than a good grass court but there’s nothing worse than a bad grass court.

With Henman pushing for a small percentage of Wimbledon courts to be artificial, we may see a change in the grass at Wimbledon for the first time in it’s history.